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A new Florida law (formerly S.B. 124) requires that the state's chief of domestic security initiatives work with state agencies, universities, and community colleges to conduct security assessments for all of the buildings, facilities, and structures operated by these groups. With the assistance of employees within these groups, the chief will compile the assessments and present them to the governor and to lawmakers. The governor and lawmakers must also be informed if any state agency, university, or community college fails to cooperate with the assessment process. The law allows the chief to conduct follow-up assessments to ensure that the security assessments remain current.@ Under the law, the chief is also mandated to work with local governments and private industry to develop security assessments. The assessments are mandatory for state-funded agencies and organizations; however, private industry and local municipalities have the option of conducting assessments with the chief's help. The costs must be borne by the local government or the private company involved.

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