Principles of Security Management

By Karim H. Vellani, CPP

Principles of Security Management. By Brian R. Johnson; published by Prentice Hall, (Web); 488 pages; $53.33.

Whoever titled this book Principles of Security Management may have been overly ambitious. With such a broad title, readers could reasonably expect coverage of such issues as leadership, security surveys, and budgeting. Instead, fully half of the book is devoted to personnel issues. That's fine in and of itself, but a more apt title for this work might have been Personnel Issues in Security Management.

Fortunately, the author's treatment of personnel issues is good, employing current personnel-management theories and concepts. Included in the personnel-management chapters are discussions of recruitment, training, scheduling, motivation, performance evaluation, and discipline.

Where the book only touches on issues, such as security surveys, it is less valuable to experienced security professionals. Many other books cover these topics well.

While generally well done, the book will face stiff competition from the industry's leading textbook on these topics, Charles A. Sennewald's Effective Security Management. This book is best suited for novices and security students.


Reviewer: Karim H. Vellani, CPP, is a security consultant and crime analyst with Threat Analysis Group, a consulting firm specializing in crime analysis and risk assessments. Vellani holds a master's degree in criminal justice management, and he is the author of Applied Crime Analysis. He is a member of ASIS International.



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