Public Health Management of Disasters: The Practice Guide

By Linda Young Landesman; Reviewed By: Ronald J. Morris, CPP, CHPA

***** Public Health Management of Disasters: The Practice Guide. By Linda Young Landesman. Published by American Public Health Association,; 534 pages; $72.00.

Healthcare professionals, emergency managers, and government officials will find in this work a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for and respond to disasters. The author emphasizes that disaster preparation and response involve an ongoing process of planning, exercising, training, evaluating, and monitoring.

The numerous subjects covered range from damage and hazard assessment to the delivery of care under extreme conditions to some of the ethical issues that can arise in disaster management. Other subjects include how to ensure that emergency vehicles can access driveways, how to direct nonemergency vehicles to defined areas, and how to direct members of the media and patients’ relatives to appropriate predefined areas.

Information in the book is clearly organized and presented, and many up-to-date references are also provided for further information. This would be a valuable guide to healthcare professionals and others involved in disaster response.

Reviewer: Ronald J. Morris, CPP, CHPA (Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator), is the associate director of police administrative services at the University of Texas at Houston. He has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare security and law enforcement. He is a member of ASIS’s Healthcare Security Council.



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