Rattlesnakes and Other Surprise Solutions

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

When the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was constructed, a burial site for the former president, including a monument, was also completed. The library, however, "didn't want it to be seen or known or talked about because Reagan was still alive," says James L. Grayson, CPP, who was a senior security consultant with Gage-Babcock & Associates, Inc., the company hired to establish access control for the burial site.

The Reagan library is in the mountains of southern California, on the edge of the wilderness. A survey made it clear that natural access control could be creatively used to the library's advantage—a tenet of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED). "We could have put up concertina and barbed wire, but it would have sent the wrong message and peaked curiosity that much more," says Grayson, who is now director of corporate development with Pacific Protection Services, Inc.

His colleague came up with the innovative CPTED solution: a simple sign reading "Beware of Rattlesnakes"—a modern-day "Here Be Monsters" to draw on one of humankind's most primal fears.

 "It was unbelievable how effective it was in solving the problem," Grayson says.

This type of security solution is just one of hundreds that will be presented at the ASIS International 53rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits, September 24-27, at the Las Vegas Convention Center during an estimated 155 educational sessions. A look at Grayson's CPTED session and three others follows as an enticement to join your peers at this epicenter of security education.



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