Ready to Respond

By Jennie Mclamb, CPP, PSP, PCI

An exercise begins with a scenario where an officer informs the command center and their supervisors of the incident. The command center immediately notifies all security officers that there is a CODE RED and briefly describes the type of incident and location. Notifications are then made to the facility by activating an emergency alert via cell phone, telephone, and radio. The command center immediately calls 911, notifying emergency services. Police, fire, and EMS respond.

Once they arrive on scene, the police will have an officer posted in the command center. In training, officers must try to identify the suspect by name, give a physical description, and note the last known location.

In these scenarios, the suspect will sometimes be an employee and sometimes not. Where the suspect is an employee, there is an assumption that the person has used an access control card. Trainees must then respond with the proper protocols. For example, the officers must notify appropriate personnel to have the badge access turned off to restrict the suspect’s movements. If the building has multiple floors, engineers should be asked to respond to the affected building to immediately recall all elevators to the ground floor and stand by. If engineers are unavailable, a security supervisor locks down the elevators to the lobby or first floor to prevent the suspect from using it to move about the building.

The command center continues to monitor all CCTV activity in and around the incident scene and report all suspect movements, activities, and related intelligence. All vehicular and pedestrian access to the building and the garage is immediately restricted. Visitors are restricted in a predetermined safe location as identified in emergency procedures.

If the company has a buildingwide communication system, the training will require that the command center put out a message stating that there has been a shooting incident. The message will include the location of the incident, and it will state that security and emergency services are responding. The message should caution everyone to remain calm and to shelter in place by locking doors and hiding.



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