Reputation Protection

By Holly Gilbert

For all of the sites, the software looks for mentions of whatever words or phrases the company has selected. These words would typically include the company name, products, names of executives, as well as any common misspellings to catch those references as well. The program determines the sentiments of the words mentioned by scanning emotional or other indicative keywords, telling companies whether the online feedback is positive, neutral, or negative.

From the Web interface, users can click to automatically respond to the review or mention, send the post to an e-mail address, and make time-stamped notes about how they have interacted with that mention or review.

Companies that want to use the Trakur service pay a monthly fee. The basic plan costs $27 a month and allows for five saved searches on keywords; only one account profile can be created, but those login credentials can be shared, Beal says. The next level plan at $97 per month allows 50 saved searches, and the premium plan, at $197 a month, lets the user have 250 saved searches. The full-service package costs $447 a month and does not limit how much users can do or how many accounts can be created.

When it comes to protecting a company’s reputation, few things can be as harmful as counterfeit products. Apart from the loss of profit, the low-quality or failures of those fake products can come back to haunt the company.
“People identify with your brand based upon what you produce,” says Richard Widup, Jr., CPP, senior director of corporate security, who has responsibility for brand protection at Purdue Pharma LP, a pharmaceutical manufacturer that also sells its drugs online.

Purdue Pharma often finds counterfeit drugs being sold online with the company’s name. The company works with MarkMonitor, a digital brand protection service, to troll the Internet for mentions of its product name that could lead to counterfeit drugs. Once a counterfeit drug or ad promoting that drug is identified, there are legal actions that Purdue Pharma takes with partners, like the Federal Drug Administration and Drug Enforcement Administration, such as sending cease and desist letters to make sure the Web sites are shut down.



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