Respecting and Protecting Elders

By Elliott A. Boxerbaum, CPP, and Patrick F. Donaldson

According to the United States Census Bureau’s projections on aging, more than 40 million U.S. citizens will be of retirement age by 2010, including approximately 6.1 million who will be 85 years old or older. By 2050, the government projects that some 86.7 million Americans will be age 65 and above and 20.9 million will be 85 or older.

Many of these people will enter eldercare facilities, convalescent care centers, extended care facilities, and independent living or congregant care communities. And because residents of these facilities are often weak and vulnerable, the potential for them to be victimized is great. Among the threats are theft of personal property, abuse, physical assault, diversion of assets, extortion, and other crimes. Security professionals must know how to assess and address the risks.



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