RFID and Sensor Networks: Architectures, Protocols, Security, and Integrations

By Yan Zhang et al. eds; Reviewed by Col. Kuljeet Singh, CPP

***** RFID and Sensor Networks: Architectures, Protocols, Security, and Integrations. Yan Zhang et al., editors; published by Taylor & Francis Group/CRC Press,; 646 pages; $99.95.
A team of three editors led by Yan Zhang has put together an ambitious text addressing RFID, sensor networks, and the integration of these dynamic technologies. Topical essays and research papers contributed by 64 well-known information technology experts from all over the world make for a concise yet comprehensive volume.
The first seven chapters of the book focus on RFID technologies, explaining concepts such as RFID, authentication, deployment, and second-generation technology standards. The technology, the contributors note, is one that could revolutionize the way we lead our lives. First, however, issues like privacy protection and fraud prevention and detection must be addressed. Many other issues must be ironed out, such as the law, security services, and users’ awareness of the importance of security.
Next the text acquaints the reader with Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). A WSN basically comprises a large number of small sensors with communication, control, data processing, and networking capabilities, often relying on wireless ad hoc networks.
The book’s editors dug deep for the book’s final section, which covers the integration of the two technologies. Effective integration, the contributors write, can provide quick, convenient sensing and communication across systems which can help enterprises save time, improve quality and services, cut labor costs, and thwart product counterfeiting and theft. Potential system applications include transit system toll collection, supply chain management, and building access.
The contributors and editors have taken a novel, complex subject and distilled it for both novices and advanced learners. Among security professionals, the most technically savvy should be able to enhance their skills immensely with this text and gain valuable insights for the integration of RFID and WSNs. The book should equally benefit students, instructors, scientists, and engineers with an interest in communications and networking.

Reviewer: Col. Kuljeet Singh, CPP, (Indian Army, retired) is director of business development and planning for Command International Security Services, Inc. He is a member of ASIS International.



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