The Safe Hiring Audit: The Employer's Guide to Implementing a Safe Hiring Program

By Lester S. Rosen; Reviewed by Marianna Perry, CPP

***** The Safe Hiring Audit: The Employer’s Guide to Implementing a Safe Hiring Program. By Lester S. Rosen; published by Facts on Demand Press; available from ASIS, item #1821, 703/519-6200 (phone), (Web); 288 pages; $17 (ASIS members), $19 (nonmembers).

Every time an organization hires a new employee, its very survival is on the line. As Lester S. Rosen writes in his book, The Safe Hiring Audit, “This person has access to your assets, your clients, your coworkers, your money, your reputation, and even your very existence.”

Yet many companies recruit and hire without having proper policies and procedures or without observing relevant laws. Others simply “go through the motions.” These omissions expose an organization and its personnel to great risk.

Rosen emphasizes the importance of having sound procedures and ensuring legal compliance as well as the need to hire the best individuals possible. The author takes the reader through the hiring process from beginning to end, explaining what constitutes proper policies and procedures for the application process, the interview, and preemployment screening, including checks on prior employment, credential verification, and criminal record searches.

The book is conveniently written in an “audit” format. Each chapter begins with questions for the reader to answer to determine how the company measures up in terms of legal compliance. At the end of each chapter, each audit question is presented again, the information from the chapter is summarized, and “best practices” are discussed to ensure that the reader understands the material and how to apply it.

The chapter dealing specifically with legal compliance is especially useful; it explains in lay terms the federal and state laws governing the hiring process, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and antidiscrimination statutes. Web site addresses where readers can go to obtain additional information are provided.

By the end of the book, the reader will understand why safe hiring is a critical basic business practice. The book’s appendices include a summary of rights under FCRA, information on U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission notices, an application process checklist and worksheet, and descriptions of preemployment tools to aid the hiring process. These resources will undoubtedly be used again and again as readers maintain their own worksheets and checklists.

This work is an excellent reference for professionals with hiring authority.

Reviewer: Marianna Perry, CPP, is the director of the National Crime Prevention Institute at the University of Louisville and also owns Loss Prevention and Safety Management, LLC, a business that specializes in education and training. She has a Master of Science degree and is a member of the ASIS Commercial Real Estate Council.



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