The Safe Hiring Manual: The Complete Guide to Keeping Criminals, Terrorists, and Imposters Out of Your Workplace

By Ross Johnson, CPP

 The Safe Hiring Manual: The Complete Guide to Keeping Criminals, Terrorists, and Imposters Out of Your Workplace. By Lester S. Rosen; published by Facts on Demand Press; available from ASIS International, Item #1610, 703/519-6200 (phone), (Web); 512 pages; $25 (ASIS members), $28 (nonmembers).

 One of the most useful, and untapped, security tools at any business is the human resources department. HR serves as the operational equivalent of an access control system, keeping problem employees off the payroll. Many companies fail to take full advantage of this department.

The Safe Hiring Manual is an extraordinarily detailed and complete book on how the human resources department can be used to help protect a company from criminal acts and civil liability. Well known in both the preemployment screening and human resources industries, author Lester S. Rosen brings to bear many years of experience as an attorney.

Rosen cuts a wide swath. Subjects include how to implement a safe hiring program, how to conduct interviews, and how to conduct criminal records searches. Other topics cover policy and procedure language, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, drug screening, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issues pertaining to hiring.

Security professionals will benefit from this book in several ways. First, it is an invaluable resource on protecting an organization from a bad hire and it can help security departments make the case for better screening to senior management. Second, it shows how organizations that ignore due diligence in hiring are leaving themselves exposed to liability. Third, anyone auditing the hiring process will learn what is legal, what is not, and what is considered a best practice.

The only drawback is the presence of typographical errors, which are distracting. Fortunately, the quality of the material is so good that it overcomes the spotty copyediting.

Reviewer: Ross Johnson, CPP, is a Texas-based safety, health, environment, and security supervisor for an offshore oil-drilling company. He served in the Canadian Forces as an infantry and intelligence officer for 24 years, after which he worked as director of intelligence for Air Security International. He is a member of ASIS International.



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