Safeguarding Homeland Security: Governors and Mayors Speak Out.

By Simon Hakim and Erwin A. Blackstone, eds; Reviewed by Dr. Joseph J. Jaksa, CPP
***** Safeguarding Homeland Security: Governors and Mayors Speak Out. Simon Hakim and Erwin A. Blackstone, editors; published by Springer Publishing,; 292 pages; $139.
The 9-11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina galvanized various segments of American society—different levels of government, businesses, and nonprofit organizations—to join together in a mission of unprecedented complexity. In Safeguarding Home­land Security: Governors and Mayors Speak Out, leading government stakeholders share their experiences and the strategies that have helped make their goals reality.
The book’s 25 essays highlight how states and mid- and large-sized municipalities have improved preparedness for man-made or natural disasters. The reader will find plans for improving functions such as medical response, evacuations, and interagency communications, as well as multiple examples of how to exploit technology and integrate systems. Enough information is offered to provide a solid overview of public-private efforts.
The essays are easy to understand and follow. Even in the chapters with a large amount of technical jargon, readers will be able to follow the overall plans and the system implementation.
One issue of concern: Many of the technological approaches or applications that worked well for some of the book’s contributors may not work for all readers. In addition, some of the technological systems used may be outdated or may have advanced since the publication of this book. Readers will need to follow the example of the authors, by researching the possibilities available and selecting the best system or procedure for their situation.
This text would be a great resource for anyone in the public or private sectors responsible for security or public-private partnerships. Educators might also find this text a good resource for undergraduate and graduate students.

Reviewer: Dr. Joseph J. Jaksa, CPP, is an assistant professor of criminal justice at Michigan’s Saginaw Valley State University. Previously Jaksa worked for more than 20 years as a supervisor, manager, and executive in the security industry. He is a member of ASIS International.



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