Securing the Smart Grid: Next Generation Power Grid Security

By Tony Flick and Justin Morehouse; Reviewed by Doug Powell, CPP, PSP

***** Securing the Smart Grid: Next Generation Power Grid Security. By Tony Flick and Justin Morehouse. Syngress Publishing,; 320 pages; $49.95.

This book appears targeted toward many kinds of readers, including utility company executives, security consultants, IT specialists, smart grid auditors, system engineers, and even consumers. Perhaps because of this broad focus, the content is too general in some places and too technical in others.

Another weakness of the book is that, judging by the references, much of the information provided appears to come from the Internet and other readily-available open sources. That said, the book does provide some excellent reference sources on smart grid- and IT security-related subjects.

Novices may find value in the thorough introduction to subjects such as the smart grid, hacking, and IT threats. It’s unlikely that the text would be a consistently helpful working reference, however, for those already engaged in smart grid security.

Another consideration is that much of what the book addresses is a moving target, and the information will likely become outdated fairly quickly as technology, regulations, and other aspects of the smart grid evolve. An annual update could significantly bolster the book’s value.

Reviewer: Doug Powell, CPP, PSP, is employed by British Columbia Hydro as manager of security, privacy, and safety for the smart metering program. He has more than 27 years’ experience in the security industry. Doug is a vice chair of ASIS’s Utilities Council and a vice chair of ASIS’s Critical Infrastructure Working Group.



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