Security Operations Management, Second Edition

By Bob Sena, CPP

***** Security Operations Management, Second Edition. By Robert D. McCrie; Published by Butterworth-Heinemann; available from ASIS, item # 1731, 703/519-6200 (phone), (Web); 416 pages; $60 (ASIS Members), $66 (nonmembers).

With the technological advances and world events of the past 25 years, security management has evolved greatly and become both a vital business function and an academic discipline. Recognizing this, Robert D. McCrie has wisely chosen to update this classic reference source for students, practitioners, and business managers alike.

McCrie employs a theory-based, research-oriented approach to examine general business principles, such as structure and management theories. He then explains how different security functions integrate into them. For example, the chapter devoted to organizational staffing illustrates how effective preemployment screening is often at the core of successful operations management. Similarly, he presents a no-nonsense look at other security-related management decisions, such as the benefits and disadvantages of outsourcing security functions.

The book is comprehensive in scope, with discussions of traditional security functions—including locks, alarms, and security personnel—as well as discussions of computer crime, crisis management, intellectual property, product diversion, insurance fraud, and terrorism. McCrie does not, however, dwell on hot topics. Instead he addresses them using the same informative, fact-driven format applied to traditional concerns.

The text moves from the basics to more advanced concepts, such as employee discipline and optimal leadership traits, offering case studies, discussion questions, and supporting materials throughout.

The book features extensive references and footnotes, including citations of the time-honored Report of the Task Force on Private Security. McCrie also provides an all-new listing of academic, trade, and professional associations, with contact information for each.

The updated edition is well-suited for the experienced professional yet fundamental enough for the novice or student. The result is an improvement on an already excellent work that will be a reliable resource in the classroom and possibly the corporate boardroom as well.

Reviewer: Bob Sena, CPP, is a former member of the New York City Police Department and currently serves as preparedness director for the Westchester County, New York Chapter of The American Red Cross. He is a member of ASIS International, and is former chair of the Mid-Hudson Chapter.



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