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Web-page bookmarks are a great way to keep track of your own frequently traveled Web sites. But how can you find out what sites are most popular with other people? “Social bookmark” sites allow anyone who stumbles across an interesting site to immediately bookmark it and then post it to a central Web site to encourage others to visit it as well. One of the most prominent of these sites is, which posts hundreds of bookmarks each day. Posters can add comments to their bookmarks and categorize them under any number of different tags, including security, software, and hacks, that allow other users to search for new sites in specific categories. The site also provides a location for saving personal bookmarks that can be accessed from any computer so that if you’re on the road and want to visit a bookmarked page but don’t have your regular computer, you can find the links easily nonetheless. Best of all, the site is completely free.Social bookmarking is a great way to find new sites in any category of interest to you, and that makes A Site to See. @ Get there via SM Online.



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