A Site to See.

By Peter Piazza

Keeping up with the newest electronic gadgets is one of the best parts of a technophile’s day. Happily, there are plenty of Web sites and blogs dedicated to breaking the news of whatever’s newest and hottest on the market.

One of the best of these is Engadget, which features more than two dozen categories of gadgets from desktops and laptops to wireless. The new product descriptions and reviews come in from all over the world, handy since so many of the high-tech tools and toys come from Asia.

Many of the gadgets that I saw on a recent visit looked as though they were created by 007’s Q Division. These included a device that would mist a laptop’s hard drive with acid if a certain trigger was activated (for example, a cell phone call or an attempt to remove the drive) and an inflatable floating pod that is intended to be used for escaping a high-rise fire. 

The site, never dull and often astonishing, is this month’s A Site to See.

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