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By Peter Piazza

The next time you see Microsoft Windows’ “blue screen of death” or a “fatal error” message flash across your monitor, don’t get angry; reboot and then point your browser toward the DistroWatch Web site, where you can learn everything you need to know about the newest distributions (called “distros”) of the Linux operating system. More and more of these distros are offering their wares in versions that can be downloaded (typically for free) and then burned onto a CD. These “Live CDs” allow you to test the distro without installing anything onto your hard drive, giving you the risk-free opportunity to find which one suits your needs the best, whether it’s a memory-friendly size distro such as Damn Small Linux or a full-featured, beginner-friendly version such as Ubuntu. Then say goodbye to the blue screen of death. @ Get to distrowatch via SM Online.



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