A Site to See: GFI Email Security Testing Zone

By John Wagley

Free online security scans can be risky. Some contain hidden malware or identify a fake vulnerability so that users will purchase a product. But there are exceptions. GFI Email Security Testing Zone offers a few scans that aren’t readily available elsewhere, including one that checks the strength of an organization’s e-mail system. The company providing the scan is reputable and has partnerships with well-known technology firms.

The e-mail scan checks for a broad range of vulnerabilities, including whether systems accept messages with excessively long subject lines; whether they accept attachments that lack file names and whether a company’s antivirus software is running and properly configured. It also tests e-mail infrastructure for some of the most prevalent malware threats.

Some tests are carried out automatically, others require users to execute an attachment. After the analysis, a report is produced listing vulnerabilities identified and discussing possible remedies. It’s this month’s Site to See.



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