Social Media, Crisis Communication, and Emergency Management: Leveraging Web 2.0 Technologies

By Connie M. White; Reviewed by Yan Byalik

The included case studies are perhaps the most informative parts of the book. Readers who already have a basic understanding of social media can find creative ideas from other emergency managers around the world, including methods of implementing them. These ideas can also be applied by security professionals to their own social media programs in the broader security industry.

Novice computer users can learn in detail how to start profile pages, build groups, and send tweets from today’s most popular sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Users who are completely unfamiliar with computers, however, may find themselves somewhat overwhelmed by the volume of information being presented.

The book is a timely work that would benefit managers or directors in the safety, security, or emergency management field who are looking to venture into the world of social media. The concepts and ideas presented will help them to promote their organization or agency before a disaster through citizen engagement and networking with other professionals. During and after a disaster, these concepts will help establish a critical two-way flow of information, damage reports, and volunteer coordination.

Reviewer: Yan Byalik is the Top Guard security manager for Tidewater Community College and a member of ASIS International.



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