Spotlight on Security for Real Estate Managers, Second Edition.

By Mark Folmer, CPP

***** Spotlight on Security for Real Estate Managers, Second Edition. By Lawrence J. Fennelly; published by the Institute of Real Estate Management, 800/837-0706 (phone), (Web); 289 pages; $69.95.

A spotlight serves to focus attention on a particular subject, enabling viewers to identify detail that wouldn’t be obvious if the subject were merely part of a panorama. In this book, Lawrence Fennelly expertly applies a spotlight to the issue of real estate security, drawing attention to critical but often overlooked elements of that field.

Aiming to help real estate managers reduce crime, deal with the consequences of crime, and reduce liability, the book hits its goal spot on. Five distinct sections cover legal issues, assessment tools, crime prevention strategies, security at various types of properties, and the use of security measures. Examples, tables, lists, outlines, sidebars, and other elements add depth to the narrative.

Although Fennelly wrote much of the book himself, he calls on security professionals to offer their expertise in specific chapters. Thus, Timothy Crowe, a guru on crime prevention through environmental design, contributes a chapter on that subject, and expert Chris Hertig weighs in on the dos and don’ts of training.

The material is focused but flexible. The suggestions, ideas, solutions, and tactics presented here can be tweaked to fit a wide range of real estate environments. Nor is the book limited to real estate managers. Operations managers, facilities managers, security supervisors, and others stand to benefit as well.

Readers wishing to learn more can turn to a good list of online and other resources in the appendices. A detailed index also adds value.

Reviewer: Mark Folmer, CPP, is the associate vice president, Eastern Canada, for TSM, Total Security Management Services Inc. based in Montreal. He is the secretary of the Montreal Chapter of ASIS International.



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