Target Denied: Facility Security Industry Employee Training

By Ross Johnson

***** Target Denied: Facility Security Industry Employee Training. Produced by EXCAL Visual, 303/772-5033 (phone), (Web); CD-ROM or DVD or videotape, and six-page trainer’s guide; $495.

This package includes a 14-minute video, a multiple-choice quiz, an answer sheet, an acknowledgement of training, and a brief instructor’s guide. The material shows employees how they can contribute to their company’s well-being and their own security through knowledge of security practices and procedures, by watching for and reporting unusual or suspicious behavior or objects, and by being aware of possible targets.

Not only is the content sound, but also the production values of the CD-ROM are high. Few things lose a video audience faster than an obvious blunder, such as improper use of personal protective equipment, because it demonstrates that the makers of the film are unfamiliar with the details of the environment they are portraying. There are no such gaffes in this package.

Unfortunately, the producer does not provide handout materials, and the instructor’s guide lacks the detail required to develop them. Handouts are necessary because the video is too detailed to be absorbed in a single viewing.

Overall, in the hands of a trainer familiar with company security policies and procedures, this package will make a useful and, even given the substantial price tag, economical training tool.



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