Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime: Intelligence Gathering, Analysis and Investigations, Second Edition

By Adrian A. Barnie

***** Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime: Intelligence Gathering, Analysis and Investigations, Second Edition. By Michael R. Ronczkowski; published by CRC Press, (Web); 392 pages; $89.95.

Over the years the investigative process has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of simply gathering data on incidents and crimes and submitting reports. As hate and terror organizations become more complex, investigators must collect intelligence and properly analyze it to keep pace. This book offers excellent insight into the process that professionals could apply in all investigative areas.

Author Michael R. Ronczkowski outlines six basic forms of terrorism, including nuclear, biological, and narco-terrorism, and further elaborates on each form, citing numerous acts, both domestic and international. Ronczkowski explains the process of “enhanced” analysis, which he says generally involves the gathering of information, its interpretation, and transforming that information into valid and useable intelligence. The ultimate goal is to anticipate threatening behavior.

One of the book’s most interesting chapters covers future threats, with extensive information and foresight on cyberterrorism. Ronczkowski explains some of its fundamental elements, such as e-mail and Internet protocol (IP) addresses. Additionally, he warns of an increasing threat to U.S. transportation systems, including railroads, public transportation, and waterways, which he says are highly vulnerable.

The book is professionally written and easy to read. It has an extensive index and nine appendices, including a highly useful glossary, lists of both foreign and domestic terrorist groups, and government and legislative references. At the end of each chapter is an outline of chapter concepts, followed by a list of chapter references, both of which are very helpful.

Even though it is fundamentally a text for college students, security professionals may also appreciate its insights. It could also be used as a text for a security operations training program. This book is highly recommended.

Reviewer: Adrian A. Barnie, CPP, CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist), is with the Anti-Money Laundering Unit of KeyBank’s Financial Intelligence Unit in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a member of ASIS.



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