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From 1968 through November 15, 2004, international terrorists most frequently targeted private citizens, businesses, and property. Of the 19,383 total incidents of terrorism around the world in that period, 3,192 hit private citizens and property. Business targets were a close second, with 3,065 incidents. Among targets hit, transportation was victimized 821 times, utilities 554 times, and airports and airlines 798 times. After al Qaeda, the most lethal group during these years was Hezbollah, causing more than 800 deaths. These statistics come from the Terrorism Knowledge Base of the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, a nonprofit organization funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with the mission of preventing or minimizing terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Among other things, the Knowledge Base is a repository of incidents arranged by type, perpetrator, date, location, and other factors. It also contains overviews of terrorist groups, legal cases involving terrorism, information resources, and other valuable materials for terrorism researchers. Users can create graphs of incidents by group, incident, and other factors, and they can search terrorist organizations by ideology, such as antiglobalization, environmental, and right-wing reactionary. Link to the database via SM Online.



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