There’s Always Room for Improvement

By Sherry Harowitz

It may only be the second month of the year, but it is the sixth month of the Security Management redesign, which debuted in the September 2005 issue. It’s been gratifying to hear how much readers appreciate the new format, including more tables and charts, article synopses, book review ratings, a “Beyond Print” key to new online resources, and an “Editorial Index” for quick reference to topics of interest.

But we’re not one to rest on our laurels, so the editors are continuing to refine the new look and to enhance the content. With that in mind, last month we added a “Future Issues” department (page 112) to let readers know what will be covered in the coming months, and this month we introduce two new tables that extend our coverage of market trends.

The first appears in “Intelligence” (page 18) and highlights trend-line data about different security services and technologies. We begin with a look at the market share of various biometric technologies, such as fingerprint, iris scan, and hand geometry, including projections for growth and how they fit within the overall access control market. The information is provided by The Freedonia Group, Inc., a leading study/database company that has been conducting market analysis and forecasting since 1985. The worldwide terrorism chart moves to “Homeland Security” (page 24); it will continue to present the data in successive months on trends by target, tactic, and region.

The second new table appears in “Industry News” (page 104) and highlights the 10 security-related companies that had the fastest-rising stocks in the most recent month analyzed. The purpose of this chart is to alert readers to the underlying reason for substantial stock market valuation changes in the industry and to identify companies that by virtue of their stock increases appear to be up-and-coming players in the security field.

Some of these companies are likely to have a significant influence on security in the future either because of their development of new technologies or because of strategic partnering or other growth strategies. The stock list and analysis is provided by, an independent research and analysis firm specializing in the security industry.

Graphic elements enhance features as well. You’ll find an interesting table giving an overview of drug use by type of job in the cover story, “High on the Job” by Senior Editor Michael A. Gips (page 50). Also explored in-depth in this month’s features are electronic eavesdropping technologies, premises liability prevention, and the risks that malicious “bots” present to your corporate network. For the latest briefs and updates on the many other issues about which security professionals must stay informed, check out the monthly departments.

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