The Thorny Challenge of Finding Inspiration

By Sherry Harowitz

They say inspiration is 5 percent luck and 95 percent perspiration. But that may leave out the most important ingredient, which is what I would call mental peripatetics—by which I mean give your mind plenty of room to wander around in, and fill that space with lots of unrelated ideas.

It’s not a new concept. As Maria Popova pointed out in a blog on a site called Brain Pickings, it was the topic of An Anatomy of Inspiration by music historian Rosamund E. M. Harding in 1942. It’s a topic I’ve touched on in other Editor’s Notes as well, because some ideas bear repeating.

Why now? Because September is the month when security professionals gather at the annual ASIS Seminar and Exhibits. It’s an opportunity to gather much wisdom from your peers. But don’t forget to look beyond the proceedings for inspiration.

Stop and smell the roses.... Hey, thorns...that gives me an idea for security.



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