Underground Economies and Illegal Imports: Business and Legal Strategies to Address Illegitimate Commerce

By Donald deKieffer; Reviewed by Joseph J. Jaksa, Ph.D., CPP
***** Underground Economies and Illegal Imports: Business and Legal Strategies to Address Illegitimate Commerce. By Donald deKieffer; published by Oxford University Press,; 320 pages; $215.
Many people are unaware of white collar crime until they are victimized. Even some security professionals are caught off guard by the wide array of business and economic crimes that plague society.
In Underground Economies and Illegal Imports, Donald E. deKieffer presents a well-composed and thought-provoking illustration of crime that affects both business and individuals daily. He guides the reader out of the everyday “black and white” genre of economic crime and into the highly complex “gray” criminal market that can touch all aspects of our global society. DeKieffer defines critical “gray” markets and explores how, where, and why they impact business and society. He also discusses how these crimes can be investigated and prosecuted.
The author’s writing style is direct, and the chapters are well-organized. DeKieffer’s use of familiar examples helps the reader grasp how the crimes can take place and in what settings. Illustrations and footnotes further clarify the subject matter. By the end of the book, the reader gains a solid understanding of this topic and can begin the important process of improving protection.
The text’s only limitation is beyond the author’s control—it is the fact that this information is likely to become dated as white collar criminals adopt new tactics.
This book could be used as either an academic primer on the topic of economic crime or a solid addition to any practition­er’s resources. The accurate definitions and good details about how to prevent this criminal plague make this a welcome addition into any professional library.

Reviewer: Joseph J. Jaksa, Ph.D., CPP, is an assistant professor of criminal justice at Michigan’s Saginaw Valley State University. He is a member of ASIS International.



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