Violence and Security on Campus: From Preschool Through College

By James Alan Fox and Harvey Burstein; Reviewed by Dr. Brian L. Royster


***** Violence and Security on Campus: From Preschool Through College. By James Alan Fox and Harvey Burstein; published by ABC-CLIO/Praeger,; 271 pages; $44.95.
James Alan Fox, who comes from academia, and Harvey Burstein, whose background is in security management, have collaborated to provide readers with a multifaceted perspective on school security. The result is a comprehensive blueprint that stakeholders can use to plan for and deter acts of school violence.
Teasing, bullying, and the threat of violence are just some of the issues confronted by those tasked with securing academic facilities. The authors discuss the disturbing trends in school violence and provide ample statistical data, charts, and figures on the topics addressed.
Chapter Four examines the risk factors and warning signs that might be precursors to aggressive acts. The authors note, “It is critical that school personnel, those who spend hour upon hour with students, be in a position to know them sufficiently enough to notice changes in mood or behavior.”
In later chapters, Fox and Burstein present practical training, logistical, and staff­ing options for administrators. These discussions enhance the theoretical framework of the book and could serve as a starting point for a potential best-practice standard.
This book is written for security and law enforcement professionals, but it could also help those in the academic profession gain a better understanding of the potential issues affecting the safety of students and administrative personnel. It might also be of value for security professionals interested in pursuing criminal justice majors.

Reviewer: Dr. Brian L. Royster is an adjunct professor at Saint Peter’s College and a retired New Jersey State Police trooper. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and is a member of the ASIS International Crime and Loss Prevention Council.




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