What Not to Do When Seeking Employment

By Diane Horn Kaloustian, CPP

What Not to Do When Seeking Employment. By Jay B. Crawford; published by AuthorHouse, 888/519-5121(phone), (Web); 132 pages; $11.50.

What if you lost your job tomorrow? Would you know what strategies to avoid in seeking the next job? That's the jumping off point of this book, in which the author takes a look at job hunting from a different perspective: what not to do. Author Jay B. Crawford uses personal experiences in the security and human resources fields to highlight the odyssey from unemployment or underemployment to meaningful employment.

The book also provides many suggestions on what job seekers should do. From mind-set (keep a level head and get your act together) to obstacles (don't believe age discrimination doesn't exist) to telephone interviewing (write out a telephone script that you feel comfortable with), Crawford's pragmatic counsel will help the reader through the ups and downs of the sometimes brutal job search.

The author's many years in the security industry make his advice particularly relevant to the protection profession. The book's only drawback is that it appears to be a self-published effort, with the concomitant lack of edito-
rial oversight. For example, wording is occasionally awkward.

Still, the unemployed or underemployed reader will find this to be a useful reference. In his introduction, Crawford writes, "Here is your opportunity to learn from my mistakes." Out-of-work security professionals should take him up on his offer.


Reviewer: Diane Horn Kaloustian, CPP, is a security management and human resources professional. She is a member and former chair of the ASIS International Council on Privacy and Personnel Information Management, as well as a member of the Professional Certification Board. She is on a short hiatus before beginning her own job search.



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