Worth a Look: iSpy

By John Wagley

Users can play back recorded video on their local computer or remotely online. Clicking the “view” tab on the toolbar and then the word “videos” leads users to a computer folder where date-stamped videos are stored.

To access video remotely and to receive alerts, it’s necessary to create an account. After creating a user name and password on the iSpyconnect Web site, users are asked to choose from various subscription plans, which begin at $7.95 per month. Users can then view video and control the program through the iSpyconnect Web site. ISpy can also be viewed through many types of mobile devices. A special Web site is provided that is more tailored for viewing and controlling the program from mobile devices.

ISpy says it takes a variety of measures to secure users’ video and account information. Methods include encrypting account passwords before they’re stored in iSpy’s database, helping protect them. ISpy also tracks IP addresses that log into users’ accounts and makes a list available to users through their account page.

The program has many other features and controls. Users may need to apply a little trial and error may be needed to gain the optimal results and experience. Though iSpy charges for functions, such as remote viewing and alerts, it’s relatively simple to set up and provides a near-professional level of surveillance options and controls at modest cost.

Pros. Offers many surveillance features and options including motion detection and e-mail alerts. Easy to set up.

Cons. Can only set up on Windows computers currently. Assesses a monthly fee for full-feature use.
Where to get it. iSpy can be downloaded from The program is free when used on a local network and computer. Charges for remote access and alerts begin at $7.95 per month.



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