ASIS Leaders Applauded

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge
Wednesday, October 13 - 5:58pm

At Wednesday’s luncheon, ASIS International President Joseph R. Granger, CPP, announced the Board Management Committee of the Board of Directors for 2011.

First, having completed his term as the Society’s president, Granger will become the chairman of the Board. Granger is the current director of security for the United Space Alliance, which is NASA’s Space Shuttle contractor with primary locations at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida; Johnson Space Center, Texas; and Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama. Granger has previously served as ASIS’s president-elect, treasurer, and secretary, as well as a Board member.

The 2011 president will be Raymond T. O’Hara, CPP, executive vice president, international operations and consulting and investigations, for Andrews International of Palm Desert, California. He becomes the ASIS president after serving as president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and Board member.

The Society’s president-elect in 2011 will be Eduard J. Emde, CPP, consultancy manager for Interseco, Wassenaar, The Netherlands. Emde is the current treasurer of the Board, and has served as its secretary and as a Board member.
Moving into the treasurer’s post is Geoffrey T. Craighead, CPP, vice president of Universal Protection Service of Santa Ana, California. Craighead is currently the Society’s secretary and was a Board member before his election to the Board Management Committee.

The final member of the committee was elected yesterday at a meeting of the Board. He is current Board Member Richard E. Widup, Jr., CPP, senior director of security operations/corporate security for Purdue Pharma LP of Stamford, Connecticut. Widup will serve as the Society’s secretary in 2011.

Stepping down from the Board is its current chair, Michael R. Cummings, CPP. “Few things that I have done in my lifetime have given me as great a sense of satisfaction as working with such an impressive, wonderful, and dedicated group of volunteer leaders as I have had the pleasure to meet during my years with ASIS,” Cummings told attendees. “This event is the last major function in my voluntary service to the Society. The time has come to move on and allow others to guide ASIS International into the future.”

The formal installation of the 2011 officers and directors, as well as the presentation of the 2010 financial report, will take place at the Annual Meeting of the Membership on January 20, 2011, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Arlington, Virginia.

Granger then asked ASIS past presidents, members of the Professional Certification Board, council chairs and vice chairs, senior regional vice presidents (RVPs), RVPs, assistant RVPs, chapter chairs, and chapter officers to stand and be recognized for “all of your time, effort, creativity, and dedication.”

Next, Granger told the audience that he would exercise “one of the privileges I truly enjoy as the president of this Society” by singling out members for special recognition with a President’s Award of Merit.

“Education is the bedrock of this organization. So this year, I want to recognize a group of members who have devoted themselves to…ASIS International and its members by providing high quality educational offerings over many, many years,” he stated. Granger then called to the stage the award winners: Phillip Banks, CPP; Curt P. Betts; James R. Bomba, CPP; Philip S. Deming, CPP; Anthony J. DiGregorio, CPP; David H. Gilmore, CPP; Richard P. Grassie, CPP; Milton E. Moritz, CPP; Howard A. Moster, CPP; Robert Oatman, CPP; David G. Patterson, CPP, PSP; Charlie R. A. Pierce; Dennis D. Shepp, CPP, PCI; and Basil J. Steele, CPP.

“Although there are many other members who also answer the call, today we recognize this group as among our best—members who are always willing, always able, and always productive,” Granger said.

♦ Photo byASIS International/Flickr



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