Basic Smoke Detector Information

Posted by Profire Safety on Mon, 04/05/2010 - 08:14

Basic Smoke Detector Information:
When the fire prevention is concern on that time I think everybody will be unanimous call for smoke detector and the installation. In America Smoke detector is used highly for its easy availability and easy to installation. One can easily get it from market (Hardware). It has been observed that smoke detectors saved more than 10 thousand innocent lives and 100 thousands of injuries in a year. Installing smoke detector is an important issue, it depends the structure of a house. Normally in single house having single room one can install one smoke detector and if the house is divided by number of room then each room required a smoke detector for its own. If the smoke detector is 10 year plus old then we should replace it by a new one. It is often come out that at the very crises time the smoke detector had not work as the alarm has not rung. So it is also important to check the battery of the smoke detector is in good condition or not other wise it will be good for nothing for us.

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Gas detector, heat detector are additional for fire prevention

Gas detector, heat (temperature ) detector are additional for fire prevention.  At warehouse, store and somewhere not only smoke detector should be used but also gas detector, heat detector should be added to detector the change of circumstance and prevent the fire at first time. 

Re: Basic Smoke Detector Information

It would also help if the smoke detector you are using is a monitored smoke detector. By installing it, a security company can dispatch the fire department before a fire becomes catastrophic. That's one good thing about smoke detectors.


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