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Monday, September 19 - 6:46pm

Attendees gathered on Monday afternoon to learn more about the ten innovative products that won the 3rd Annual Accolades competition and see other noteworthy security solutions as part of this year’s “What’s New on the Floor” session.

Howard Belfor, CPP, president of Belfor & Associates, LLC, and Ronald Lander, CPP, chief specialist for Ultrasafe Security Solutions, once again led the session, sponsored by the ASIS Physical Security Council and the Information Technology Security Council. The session was created to give security professionals the ability to quickly familiarize themselves with the year’s best new products, rather than trying to find the hidden gems among thousands of products on the show floor.

Seventy-three companies submitted their products and services to be judged by a group of volunteer ASIS members. Ten were found exceptional, although Belfor said the competition was incredibly stiff for this year’s competition. “We had a tough group this year,” he said.

The submissions also give Lander and Belfor an ability to see how the security market is evolving. Lander observed that the security market is increasingly focused on integrating various technologies into one solution, a trend many submissions followed. He also noted that more and more companies are producing products that can work with other companies’ products. “We’re seeing a tremendous amount of standardization,” Lander said, as companies vie for market share in a bad economy. And more and more companies are offering LED over other lighting solutions, noted Belfor.

The 10 winners’ solutions varied from traditional products, like cameras and card readers leveraging powerful innovations, to some straight out of science fiction.

Axis Communications Inc. (Booth #2137) won in the video surveillance category for its new Q16 series of indoor and outdoor light sensitive cameras. The DC-iris lenses, augmented by Axis’s Lightfinder technology, allow operators to see color in very dark conditions. “Axis,” Belfor said, “is moving forward with technology.”

Accolades judges recognized HID Global (Booth #2400) as the access control winner with its iCLASS SE Access Control Platform. The solution transforms how secure identity is delivered by providing technology-independent digital credentials that can be utilized by smart phones, microprocessor-based cards, contactless smart cards, and USB tokens. The solution makes ID verification easier and cheaper by eliminating the need to print cards and replace readers during system upgrades.

FutureSentry (Booth #2178) won the detection category for its First Responder technology, which mimics a security officer and can identify potentially dangerous targets within 1,000 feet of an asset. After detecting motion, the system hits the area with a blast of LED light. Operators can program the system to concentrate on a particular geographical area or allow it to rotate 360 degrees and scan for activity.

OSID by Xtralis (Booth #2267) was the first ever submission in the fire safety category. The product delivers a cost-effective smoke detection system for buildings with large, open spaces and can detect smoke from 150 meters away. “It’s a huge improvement in distance,” Lander said. The OSID fire detection system uses a wide-angle imaging sensor that can distinguish between real smoke and dust, drastically reducing false alarms.

For improved security at night, the judges chose Totus Solution’s (Booth #2679) Guardian Platform in the security grid category. The intelligent LED lighting security platform combines a complete surveillance system, secure communications, and sensor monitoring for guarding walkways, streets, and campuses. The solution, which meets Department of Defense specifications for night video surveillance, comes wired for Ethernet but can be upgraded to transmit information over secure Wi-Fi and notifies an operator when a light fails.

Guardian8, Inc. (Booth #3582), and Laipac Technology (Booth #877) earned distinction for products that protect law enforcement and security personnel in the nonlethal defense and security technology categories, respectively. Like something you’d find on Batman’s utility belt, Guardian8, Inc.’s G-8 Non-Lethal Multi-Tool can release pepper spray and uses Bluetooth technology to call a preprogrammed number while snapping digital photographs when activated. The solution, said Lander, allows guards to defend themselves without sacrificing the ability to communicate back to base.

For law enforcement and security officers encountering deadly force, Laipac Technology introduced its S911 GPS Bullet-Proof Vest. The Kevlar vest uses bullet-proof ceramic plates to protect an officer’s torso from projectiles, such as bullets and shrapnel. The vest is also fitted with a GPS system that can detect impact and alert superiors when an officer enters or exits a predetermined area to facilitate emergency response. Integrated emergency cell phone numbers provide two-way voice communication to base and SOS messages in either text or e-mail formats. “This is a fun technology,” Lander remarked.
Ultra-thin and compact, judges chose Blackline GPS, Inc.’s (Booth #1484) Flat Track Covert Tracker as the tracker category winner. Easily concealed in packaging, hidden compartments, and false bottoms, the tracker’s vibration detection notifies the users of its location through mobile messaging and a high sensitivity GPS antenna. If discovered, the unit will alert the user of its detection.

BriefCam Ltd. (Booth #1334) won the surveillance category by giving users the ability to watch hours upon hours of surveillance footage in minutes. Known as synopsis technology, users run the original surveillance through BriefCam VS Enterprise software, which separates nonmoving from moving objects in the area under surveillance. Afterward, all events can then be viewed on the same screen marked by a time stamp to put the event in context. Users can then identify what incidents they want to review on the original video recording.

Nexistant’s Virtual Attendant (Booth #3564) also earned distinction in the video category for a high-definition videoconferencing option that automates visitor checks while providing security coverage at all entry points. Via videoconferencing, a remote operator can issue badges, share documents, check identification, and capture digital signatures. More versatile and powerful than a traditional receptionist, Virtual Attendant can leverage different operators to communicate in various languages all while making eye contact with the visitor. Companies save money by using Virtual Attendant to centralize control over many reception areas across many buildings.

Some other companies that Belfor and Lander said deserved recognition were LockDown, Inc. (Booth #2578), which secures utility boxes; and LawMate America (Booth #663), which makes video surveillance cost-effective.



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