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October 2012
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A recent U.S. Government Accountability Office report found that American flight schools are still giving lessons to people who pose security threats.

    Hostile Work Environment

    A federal appeals court has ruled that evidence of repeated racial slurs and inappropriate jokes over the course of a year is sufficient to support a hostile-work-environment claim.


    The U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled that an employee fired for protected activity may not be reinstated when he later engages in misconduct. In the case, an employee who had been fired for distributing a letter critical of management lost his right to reinstatement after he accosted a former coworker and verbally abused her.

    Eyewitness Accuracy

    Are humans able to reliably match a person’s face with their photograph? A recent study points to a surprising answer.


      The whistleblower provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act that prohibit retaliation against employees do not apply to workers outside of the United States, according to a federal judge’s ruling.


      Sandia National Laboratories has opened the Cybersecurity Technologies Research Laboratory, where cybersecurity professionals can meet and discuss critical issues. Watch this video to learn more about the center.

        Data Preservation

        The defendant in a trade secrets lawsuit must pay $73,000 in sanctions after destroying computer data and hard drives shortly after being ordered to preserve evidence, rules a U.S. district court.

        Aviation Security

        The U.S. Transportation Security Administration neither adequately tracks nor corrects security breaches at U.S. airports, concludes a report.

          Healthcare Security

          See an example of the Violent Incident Report devised by the security department at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. Security asks employees to fill out the report each time they encounter aggressive behavior in the hospital.

          Trade Secrets

          A U.S. district court has refused to dismiss a case in which the plaintiff, a night club owner, argued that his “friends” lists from Facebook and MySpace are trade secrets under the law. The court ruled that the plaintiff took reasonable steps to protect the information in question.


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