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Monday, September 19 - 7:10am

In today’s world, no security professional can be without an up-to-date library, no matter whether the books are on your shelf or in your computer. The big news is that you can now purchase ASIS-published books on Kindle, Amazon’s wireless reading device, from the Kindle Store on The books may be purchased wirelessly right from your PDA, allowing you to click, buy, and start reading right away.

Before committing to an online purchase, check out the titles in the ASIS International Bookstore just inside the Lobby C entrance to the Orange County Convention Center. This centrally located store is the best place to explore both new titles and classic references that will enhance and expand the knowledge you gained in sessions and the exhibit hall.

So whether you are studying for an ASIS certification or need a cool gift for a colleague, the perfect title is available in the bookstore. Knowledgeable staff is on hand to direct you to specific purchases. Also, be sure to browse through the limited-quantity sale items discounted for the week.

The following titles are among the newest books in the collection:

Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques, Third Edition. By Nathan J. Gordon and William L. Fleisher; published in 2010 by Academic Press (ASIS Catalog #1917); $99 (ASIS members); $109 (nonmembers).

This manual provides insights into human behavior, enabling readers to become better interviewers, interrogators, and experts at detecting truthful or deceptive behavior. The authors examine the Forensic Assessment Interview Technique (FAINT), the Integrated Interrogation Technique (IIT), and the Morgan Interview Thematic Technique (MITT). They then teach readers how to combine, apply, and quantify these techniques to reach a numerical conclusion that assesses the truthfulness of an interview subject. The third edition contains new chapters on passenger screening, report writing, legal considerations, and ways to maximize the collection of information from prospective employees. New case studies are also included.

Professional Investigator’s Manual. Published in 2010 by ASIS International (ASIS Catalog #1880); $125 (members), $195 (nonmembers). This title is also available on Kindle from

This manual is a must-read for anyone interested in improving their investigative knowledge or preparing for the Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) examination. The breadth and depth of the contents will appeal to new investigators as well as veterans wanting to hone their skills. Topics such as investigations management, interview and interrogation, undercover investigations, and due diligence are discussed in depth, providing basic as well as advanced techniques required by professional investigators. The manual also describes the basics of preemployment background screening and provides an approach that can be used to develop a program that complies with current regulations. 


First Responders Guide to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD): Practical Techniques and Procedures for Responding to a Terrorist Incident Involving WMD, Second Edition. By Lt. Colonel Jeffrey A. Adams (U.S. Army, Ret.); published in 2011 by ASIS International (ASIS Catalog #1950), $34 (members), $48 (nonmembers).

The threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) against the United States continues to be a reality. As a result, the need for WMD threat planning and response remains a high priority for state, local, and federal officials. This book is a concise reference for the first responder who may be called to a site where WMDs have been employed. It is also a primer for the average citizen desiring practical information on threat agents and procedures for surviving a terrorist attack involving WMDs. It covers nuclear and radiological weapons as well as chemical and biological weapons.

Cross-Training for First Responders. By Gregory Bennett; published in 2011 by CRC Press (ASIS Catalog #1939), $69 (members), $76 (nonmembers).

The author asserts that the best way responders can prepare for, react to, and mitigate an incident is to train outside their traditional responsibilities and understand other first responder’s terms, methods, and operational procedures. This book explains the kind of training that can be used to prevent a lack of situational awareness by those thrust into unfamiliar territory during crisis events or mass disasters. Other topics include curtailing the tensions that arise between volunteers and career responders, turning conflicts between various responding agencies into collaboration, developing innovative training strategies, and finding grant opportunities to pay for training and equipment.

Detecting Lies and Deceit: Pitfalls and Opportunities, Second Edition. By Albert Vrij; published in 2008 by Wiley (ASIS Catalog #1942), $75 (members), $82 (nonmembers).

The revised edition of this book provides an up-to-date account of deception research. It discusses the workings and efficacy of the nine most commonly used lie detection tools. All three aspects of deception are covered: nonverbal cues, speech and written statement analysis, and physiological responses. The most common errors in lie detection are discussed, and practical guidelines are provided to help professionals improve their lie detection skills.

Due Diligence for the Financial Professional, Second Edition. By L. Burke Files; published in 2010 by Aegis Journal (ASIS Catalog # 1943), $68 (members), $75 (nonmembers).

This comprehensive guide explains financial due diligence, the process of making sure that a decision maker has the information needed to make an informed choice. This book shows the reader how to filter information and discern the noise from the substance of due diligence. It covers traditional concepts such as background checks, financial investigations, and money laundering and includes seven lists and questionnaires. New content covers transparency and biases. Decisions involving intellectual property and asset recovery are also discussed.

Effective Security Management, Fifth Edition. By Charles A. Sennewald, CPP; published in 2011 by Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann (ASIS Catalog #1946), $69 (members), $76 (nonmembers).

This new volume teaches practicing security professionals how to build their careers by mastering the fundamentals of good management. The author brings common sense, wisdom, and humor to this best-selling introduction to workplace dynamics. Working with a team of contributors, the book presents a balanced picture of a security manager’s duties. Its cartoons also wittily illustrate pitfalls a new manager must overcome to lead effectively. This revision retains all the strengths that have helped the book endure over the decades and adds the latest resources to support professional development. It includes a new chapter on the use of statistics as a security management tool.



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