CCTV and Video recording standards where the recordings will be evidentiary

Posted by jlkratz on Fri, 03/06/2009 - 14:17

I am trying to find any federal standards for video recording systems where the video may be used as evidence, but have been unsuccessful.  Are there any federal standards as to content, format, period of recordings to be retained?  Thanks for any info you can provide.

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DVRs & NVRs used as evidence

In many cases where a suspect has been captured on camera and recorded, it is standard for the FBI to take the evidence and keep it, whether that be a DVR or stand alone NVR. It is always good if one has an NVR to record at two different places, this will ensure that if the NVR is stolen or damaged onsite, then the evidence is still available. It will also ensure that if the FBI needs the recording, you will still have a backup. There are also cases involving military where they too will keep the DVR as evidence, and it has been reported that you will probably not be getting it back, for fear of evidence being erased. One concern that should be addressed in this topic, as well, is that many times on local news the question comes up "do you recognize this suspect?" (or something along those lines) With poor cameras, evidence is pretty insufficient and it is easy enough for the criminal to deny that being them, and due to low quality images it is thrown out. Images have been seen where it is possible that the crook doesn't even recognize himself, much less anyone else recognizing them. So, not only is the recording system imperative for the use of evidence, but high quality images taken by a quality camera is just as, if not more, important.
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