CCTV Standards where video recordings are used in evidence

Posted by jlkratz on Fri, 03/06/2009 - 14:15

I am trying to find any federal standards for video recording systems where the video may be used as evidence, but have been unsuccessful.  Are there any federal standards as to content, format, period of recordings to be retained?  Thanks for any info you can provide.

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I think the standard would, in the end, be debatable for any good lawyer. This is why I always council my clients to go for the highest quality. If you are paying for business security or, establishing video evidence for legal motions why would you feel the need to use anything less than the best?

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I have seen cctv cameras on poles near traffic lights that rotate 360 degrees as traffic lights change colour. They seem to rotatea few seconds after the light has changed red. Are these to catch people who have jumped a red light or are they to monitor traffic, bus lanes etc.
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standard of procedure

My city is intending to implement a video surveillance system to record illegal dumping. I am need to create a standard of procedure that includes everything from chain of custoy issues to whether we should record licence plates or the individual dumpers. Any assistance will be helpful.



CCTV Standards


You did not provide which industry you represent.  Depending on which law-enforcement agency has immediate jurisdiction, that may change the standards you use.  The gaming industry has more stringent requirements than say commerce.  In general, there are some recommendations by different agencies based upon the type of images that will be recorded.  A good rule of thumb is to anticipate storage of a minimum of 60-90 days.  As far as format, it depends on the technology deployed.  General rules of evidence should apply, such as, the record can not be altered and if so, there is a method to demonstrate that it is altered.  The native format should be relatively transportable.  By that, I mean that when the evidence is produced for someone else, do they need specialized equipment/software to use it.

There are many more factors to consider.


Good luck.


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