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Tuesday, September 20 - 4:27pm

The press room at the Orange County Convention Center was buzzing with the latest announcements from top security companies. Executives took time out from the Exhibit Hall floor to talk to members of the media during press conferences held throughout this week. Here are a few of the highlights from press conferences held on Monday and Tuesday.

Interlogix, a division of UTC Fire & Security, has introduced new video sur­veil­lance cameras and a new access control product.
The new access control solution, TruPortal, is an Internet Protocol (IP)-based product designed to install quickly and “out of the box,” according to the company. It’s mainly intended for small- and medium-sized commercial installations. It also includes a companion iPad application that will allow users to remotely monitor system activity and perform basic administrative tasks, according to the company.
Interlogix has also expanded its line of cameras, adding IP and megapixel cameras that are compatible with a relatively new set of IP video surveillance-related standards from the Open Network Video Interface Forum and the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance.
The new cameras offer several resolutions and full high-definition capability. They’re also now available in three forms with vandal-resistant indoor and outdoor housings, according to Interlogix. Fifteen of the 17 new models also support a local Secure Digital card to provide up to 32 gigabytes of onboard storage, doubling the capacity of most of the companies’ current cameras.
TruPortal will work seamlessly with TruVision products, said Mike Regelski, the chief technology officer of UTC Fire & Security, at a press conference on Monday. It’s important to provide customers with a range of components that are compatible with many other types of surveillance and access control solutions, he said. Interlogix strongly believes in open security standards, he said.
One of the company’s main research and development goals includes integrating access control, surveillance, and related devices, he said. Many devices need to be wirelessly enabled, for example, and must comply with both corporate and industry standards.
Behavioral Recognition Systems (BRS Labs) has made some significant upgrades to software technology it provides to help make video surveillance more intelligent and effective, the company said at a press conference Monday. BRS said it would be making an official announcement within the next few days.
The company has made some improvements to its Alsight Behavioral Analytics software, said John Frazzini, BRS’s president. BRS Alsight software is the first video analytics solution to use “artificial neural network” technology to recognize and classify objects in a camera’s field of site, according to the company.
The technology “leverages cognitive reasoning, and processes visual data on a level similar to a human brain,” helping make video surveillance more effective, the company states. The technology also provides customers with real-time alerts. “Our technology lets customers get more return on video surveillance,” said Frazzini.
The improvements will include allowing customers to identify many more types of suspicious objects and activities, according to Frazzini. Customers will also be able to deploy BRS’s technology over “thousands of cameras.” Currently, many of the largest deployments involve hundreds of cameras, he said.
Sielox and Salto Systems have formed a partnership to offer customers traditional hardwired door locks in addition to newer wireless locks.
The new partnership will allow Sielox business partners to pass on savings to their customers, according to the company. End users will be able to secure more interior doors in their facilities because the cost per door on average will be less than half the cost of a traditional hard-wired door, according to the company. Administration and control of wireless locks can also be conducted from a single standalone server or any computer workstation.
Sielox, along with Excel Security, also announced the formation of a new managed services company, Sielox24Seven. Excel has been a Sielox business partner and offered managed services in the New York Tri-state area for more than 20 years.
Many companies don’t have the resources to invest in their own access control system, said Sielox CEO Karen Evans at an ASIS seminar press conference on Tuesday. The new partnership will provide customers with a range of managed services including access control maintenance and monitoring, credential creation and management, and time and attendance. Customers can also receive customized alert notification and access control reports.
Visitors to the AlliedBarton Security Services booth can receive a promotional code to download a free electronic version of a new book, Potential: Workplace Violence Prevention and Your Organizational Success. The book was written by company CEO and President Bill Whitmore.
The book shows how managers and employees can work together to lower an organization’s risk of workplace violence and enhance its overall morale and performance, according to Whitmore. There are different levels of workplace violence, ranging from activities such as bullying and harassment to actual attacks, he said, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday. One reason it’s important for companies to understand how to handle workplace violence is that “lower level” activity can damage people’s work performance. “If people don’t feel safe and secure in their work environment…they’re not going to reach their full potential,” said Whitmore.
At the press conference, Whitmore also announced that all profits from the book will be donated to nonprofit organizations dedicated to reducing workplace violence. AlliedBarton also plans to launch a Web site that will include information on workplace violence prevention as well as a discussion forum.



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