August 2007

Plus: Salary Survey • Chemical Facilities • Museum Security


Preventing the Next Campus Shooting

By Matthew Harwood

It's early to draw specific lessons from Virginia Tech but it is helpful to look at policies and procedures in place at other institutions and to examine how technology is facilitating emergency communications.


Rattlesnakes and Other Surprise Solutions

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

A profile of four of the approximately 150 sessions that will be presented in September at the ASIS International 53rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Las Vegas.


State Perspective – Tennessee

By Joseph Straw

A talk with Tennessee's top homeland security official.


By Joseph Straw


Number of states that provide information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System on persons disqualified from possessing firearms under federal law for mental health reasons.

Interoperability Standards Stalled?

By Joseph Straw

Stalled standards for interoperable communications.

Shining Light on Nuclear Nightmare

By Joseph Straw

The medical response demands of a nuclear attack.


Finding Your Future

By Marvin Weisboard and Sandra Janoff

How a "future search" can help companies set the right goals and realize them.

Industry News

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

Insurance firm The Brownyard Group solicits nominations for a major service award, an update on ASIS guidelines, and Alex Omar Garrido, CPP, is profiled.

Legal Report

By Teresa Anderson

Rulings on negligence stemming from an employee's injury during a bank robbery and malicious prosecution, plus legislation covering data mining and RFID.

Deterring Robberies

By Laura Spadanuta

Thwarting bank robberies by initiating a bank robbery prevention program.

Text Message Alerts and Tips

By Laura Spadanuta

Emerging security applications for text messaging.

Identity Theft Task Force

By Laura Spadanuta

Reaction to the President's Task Force on Identity Theft.

Protecting Turkey's Heritage

By Robert Elliott

Turkey is renowned as a gold mine of antiquities, but housing them safely is a challenge that is not met equally by state-owned and privately run institutions.

New Chemical Solutions

By Matthew Harwood

Find out how some plants are improving chemical facility security by choosing alternatives to hazardous chemicals.

What Are You Worth?

By Mike Moran

Overall, security professionals fared well in 2007. Read the latest from the ASIS International Salary Survey.


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Editor's Note

By Sherry L. Harowitz

Do you believe in werewolves?


Top 10 Security Stocks for April


QUICK BYTES - Business PC Risk

By John Wagley

Thirteen percent of corporate PCs have had unauthorized USB devices attached to them, creating the risk for data loss and malware to enter the corporate system.

A Site to See

By John Wagley

A one-stop site for testing your PC's speed and security.


By John Wagley


Percentage of identity theft breaches stemming from the theft or loss of a computer or storage medium, such as a USB memorykey, according to a recent Symantec report.

Security and Outsourcing: Negotiate Early

By John Wagley

The need to focus on security during negotiations with outsource contractors.

QUICK BYTES - Data Disaster?

By John Wagley

One-third of IT professionals believe that a major data breach could put their company out of business.

Crooks Zero in on Vulnerable Data

By John Wagley

Growth in "zero-day" attacks.


Canada's Air and Sea Vulnerability

By Robert Elliott

Efforts to shore up Canada's porous borders.

Afghanistan's Opium Addiction

By Robert Elliott

Afghanistan's booming opium trade.

Haitian Money Laundering

By Robert Elliott

The fight against money laundering in Haiti.


A Healthy Dose of Security

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

South Carolina's Greenville Hospital System upgrades its security program thanks to a healthy dose of funding.


First In: An Insider’s Account of How the CIA Spearheaded the War on Terror in Afghanistan

By Mark Beaudry

First In is one of those uncommon cases. In it, author Gary C. Schroen offers a fascinating firsthand account of the logistical and operational planning behind the CIA’s implementation of the war on terror in Afghanistan.

Protective Actions: Evacuation/Shelter in Place

By Mayer Nudell

Government and private institutions will find this a valuable tool to help them plan for those situations in which evacuation is impossible or ill-advised. If the purchase price for the video is too high, it is worth renting.

Privacy Lost: How Technology is Endangering Your Privacy

By David O. Best

This book provides a clear overview of the risks to privacy in the Digital Age, who the perpetrators are, and what we can do about it.

Exploits of the Nigerian Con Man

By Ross L. Johnson

Named for the section of the 1958 Nigerian Criminal Code that makes it illegal, the modus operandi should be familiar to all readers: a powerful person’s relative has access to huge money and needs your help laundering it.

Introduction to Emergency Management

By W. Todd Best

An outstanding text for students and a good source of information for anyone wanting to improve their fundamental knowledge of the subject.


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