March 2008


Plus: Port Security • Transit Systems • Fusion Centers


Taking Screening to the Next Level

By Barry Nixon

Workers need to be rescreened periodically to detect warning signs that could lead to fraud or workplace violence, but companies must be cognizant of the legal restraints when doing such screens.


Smashing Intelligence Stovepipes

By Joseph Straw

Washington State's fusion center offers a model for melding intelligence from multiple public and private sources.

Explosive Testing of Window Systems – the Underlying Double-Standard

By Kenneth W. Herrle, P.E., and Larry M. Bryant, Ph.D.

Explosive testing can reveal deficiencies in both new technologies and improperly designed window systems. Unfortunately, either through misinterpretation or ill-intent, compliance with selected test standards has been slowly falling by the wayside.


The Question of a Heartland Quake

By Joseph Straw

While rare, earthquakes in the Midwest pose a greater danger than earthquakes in the West because of soil types and building codes.

Measured Steps Toward Safer Ports

By Joseph Straw

A recent congressional oversight committee hearing on port security says progress is mixed.

State Perspective - Minnesota

By Joseph Straw

Interview with Kris Eide, director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Worldwide Terrorism by Target

By Mike Moran

Quarterly target data on terrorist incidents from the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base. (Numbers are through the 3rd quarter of 2007.)


The Push to Access FBI Files

By Laura Spadanuta

A law intended to give security companies access to FBI databases has not been implemented in most states.

Enforcing Window Standards

By Laura Spadanuta

Standards for blast-resistant window testing prove confusing.

New Video Standard Offers Promise

By Laura Spadanuta

A new video compression tool offers an easier way to analyze surveillance feeds.

Legal Report

By Teresa Anderson

Rulings on negligence and vicarious liability; plus legislation on racial discrimination, domestic violence, and food safety.

A Site for Safe Transit

By Teresa Anderson

As the United States examines how best to secure its mass transit systems, it may be helpful to look at what its northern neighbor is doing.

Industry News

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

ASIS International certification programs garner global accreditation and Jagrant Singh Pandher, CPP, is featured in the profile.

Assessing Training Results

By Donald L. Kirkpatrick and James D. Kirkpatrick

Evaluations increase the likelihood that training will be transferred from the classroom to the job.


The Magazine — Past Issues


The Need for Speed

By Sherry Harowitz

Are businesses and government keeping pace with identity thieves?


Making Metrics that Matter

By John Wagley

CISOs are increasingly measuring IT performance to demonstrate the results in concrete terms in accordance with other business metrics.

Behind the Numbers: Factors Driving Interest in PC Alternatives

By Forrester Research, Inc.


By John Wagley


The percentage of respondents who said they had changed their online behavior as a consequence of fear of identity theft, according to a survey of British adults by the software and IT management company CA.

Internet Threat Management

By John Wagley

A growing number of business organizations are hiring firms to scour the Web to target and shut down threats where they originate.

Fighting Scareware

By John Wagley

Beware of the coming scareware onslaught.

Quick Bytes: Danger Ahead

A growing number of Web dangers and threats targeting Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system are listed in McAfee Avert Labs’ Top 10 Security Threats for 2008.

Strengthening Company Passwords

By John Wagley

Companies need to teach its employees password protection practices to avoid sensitive data leaks.

Quick Bytes: I Spy

By John Wagley

Spyware beat out viruses, worms, and browser-embedded attacks when 1,070 companies were asked to rank their biggest IT security concern in 2007.

A Site to See: State Security Breach Notification Laws

By John Wagley

The University of Georgia's Office of Information Security outlines the state-by-state notification laws organizations must adhere to when they lose personal information.


Europe's Car Thieves Go Upscale

By John Barham

Europe's stolen car industry—a network of thieves, mechanics, document forgers, and car dealers—now targets luxury vehicles.

Slaves in the Global Supply Chain

By John Barham

While formally abolished in most countries, slavery has crept into the global supply chain.

Store Losses Studied

By John Barham

Despite billions spent to curtail it, retailers' losses due to shoplifting, fraud, and administrative errors continue to mount.


By John Barham


The number of foreign companies inspected in 2007 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), out of the 3,249 that imported drugs into the United States. The FDA hopes to inspect 50 companies next year, an inadequate number according to the GAO.


Automating Access Rights

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

The IT security team for a large healthcare system needed a solution that would streamline access rights and meet privacy regulations.


Crisis Communications: A Casebook Approach, 3rd Edition

By Kathleen Fearn-Banks; Reviewed by Ross Johnson, CPP

There are few times in life when proper communication is more critical to an organization than during a crisis. Crisis Communications explains how crisis survival is possible through exhaustive planning, training, rehearsal, and hard work.

National Security Issues in Science, Law, and Technology

By Thomas A. Johnson; Reviewed by Col. Kuljeet Singh, CPP

To properly weave together the topics of science, technology, and law under the rubric of national security is a tall order. This text does so perfectly.

Privacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption

By Whitfield Diffie and Susan Landau

This updated and expanded 2007 edition provides an incredibly comprehensive insight into the world of encryption and wiretaps, its political machinations, legal aspects, technologies, vulnerabilities, costs, limitations, and near-ubiquity.

A Risk Management Approach to Business Continuity: Aligning Business Continuity with Corporate Governance

By Julia Graham and David Kaye; Reviewed by Mayer Nudell, CSC

A helpful text for security professionals in need of  guidance when creating and maintaining business continuity plans.

The Art of War for Security Managers

By Scott A. Watson, CPP, CFE; Reviewed by Brent Campbell

How does the ancient Chinese strategist's wisdom apply  to the job of the professional security manager today?

Gatekeeper: A Memoir of a CIA Polygraph Examiner

By John Sullivan; Reviewed by Brian Cashman, CPP

The personal history of a CIA polygraph examiner during the height of the Cold War.


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