June 2009


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Drug War's Rough Waters

By Matthew Harwood

Drug smugglers have turned to semi-submersible vessels to thwart law enforcement. The U.S. Coast Guard, aided by changes in U.S. laws, is fighting back—with mixed results.


Don't Let the Plan Be the Disaster

By William M. Lokey

Drawing on firsthand experience and studies of after-action reports from disasters around the United States, the author examines lessons learned and presents some of the most effective disaster response practices companies have developed.

Dover Speedway Plays It Safe

By Matthew Harwood

Dover International Speedway may be the place for drama and danger, but when it comes to security, the facility wants to play it safe. The Protective Security Coordination Division of the Department of Homeland Security showed them the way.

The Melding of Technologies: IT and Security - A Survey

By John J. Strauchs, CPP

A survey of large corporations conducted by Strauchs LLC and Security Management  demonstrates convergence between security and IT is neither swift nor smooth. (Online Exclusive)

Don't Silo Crisis Solutions

By Robert F. Littlejohn

A veteran security professional of 25 years shows how businesses can smash the silos that hamper enterprise preparedness. (Extended Online Exclusive)


Cargo Security Deadline in Doubt

By Joseph Straw

The aviation industry might miss the 2010 mark for screening all air cargo, despite already meeting preliminary deadlines.

Railroads Find Common Contractor Screening Solution

By Joseph Straw

An industry-driven program called e-RAILSAFE vets and credentials contract workers for railroad companies.

State Perspective - West Virginia

By Joseph Straw

An interview with James W. Spears, secretary of the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety since 2005.


Do Improvement Districts Cut Crime?

By Laura Spadanuta

Researchers find greater reductions in business improvement districts, but experts say the model is not a panacea.

Resilience Key to Recovery

By Laura Spadanuta

Because there's no way to stop every terrorist attack or natural disaster, "resilience" — the ability to recover quickly after a disaster—is becoming a key buzz word in the homeland security conversation.

Legal Report

By Teresa Anderson

Two recent appellate court rulings offer differing opinions on whether employers can restrict firearms on company property, plus legislation on privacy, border security, retail theft, and emergency management.

Industry News

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

ASIS teams up with other associations to issue a workplace violence standard and collaborate on risk management issues. Joy Creasy, PSP, discusses her company's support of certifications.

Hot Tips for Hotlines

By Frederick J. Cantz Jr.

Hotlines can help companies catch fraud but only if the program is properly set up and well publicized among staff and contractors.


The Magazine — Past Issues


Making Security Adaptive to Change and Complexity

By Sherry Harowitz

Security must be as dynamic as the threats it protects against.


Collaboration Key to Protecting Data

By John Wagley

The credit card industry has established a new forum to allow confidential sharing of information on breaches and threats to data security.

New VoIP Encryption Challenges

By John Wagley

Law enforcement officials worldwide have expressed frustration at their inability to tap encrypted VoIP communications and a new encryption product may add to it.

Quick Bytes: Web of Complaints

By John Wagley

The number of complaints about Internet crime rose 33 percent in 2008 compared to 2007, with financial losses rising about 11 percent, according to a new report.

Behind the Numbers

By Forrester Research

Adoption rates for IT security in small to medium-sized businesses.


India’s Growing Security Industry

By Stephanie Berrong

Rapid growth coupled with increased terrorism fears is spurring changes in this nascent industry.

Borders Complicate Efforts to Secure Personal Data

By Stephanie Berrong

The chairman of the Federal Trade Commission is calling on international organizations to work together to protect personal information while facilitating the global flow of information.

Interrupting the Money Flow

By Stephanie Berrong

Although effective, U.S. efforts to combat terrorism financing need improvement, says a former Treasury official.


Schooled on Vulnerabilities

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

How one university is using security software to make sure that its network protection is based on more than an educated guess.


Counterterrorism Strategies for Corporations: The Ackerman Principles

By Mike Ackerman; Reviewed by Patrick Kane, CPP

Despite its title, Counterterrorism Strategies for Corporations gives security managers the lowdown on all types of threats facing businesses operating globally.

Schneier on Security

By Bruce Schneier; Reviewed by Glen Kitteringham, CPP

Collected writings from the security disclipine's most critical thinker and blogger.

Marching Towards Hell: America and Islam After Iraq

By Michael Scheuer; Reviewed by Adrian A. Barnie, CPP, CFE, CAMS

Michael Scheuer, a.k.a. Anonymous, sketches a grim picture of United States involvement in the Middle East if it doesn't learn the proper lessons from its previous mistakes.

Say What You Do: Building a Framework of IT Controls, Policies, Standards, and Procedures

By Dorian Cougias, et al; Reviewed by Ben Rothke, CISSP

Say What You Do keeps its promise and teaches readers step-by-step how to achieve IT compliance over 400 densely packed pages.


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