August 2010


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Explosives Detection

By Joseph Straw

Attempted terrorist attacks over the past year show that the threats posed by concealed explosives remain as dynamic as ever. Researchers continue to explore technology that could improve our ability to detect such threats before it's too late.

Sidebar: Interoperability for Screening Technology


Partnering Against Anarchy

By David Neely, CPP

An on-the-ground report of how a public-private partnership between police and private security protected Toronto's downtown area from greater damage during Black Bloc anarchist riots during the G20 Summit. (Online Exclusive)


Biosurveillance Stays Stovepiped

By Joseph Straw

The government’s ability to pinpoint biological threats is still hampered by a lack of information sharing.

Urban Area Perspective - Cleveland

By Joseph Straw

Security Management interviews Norberto Colón, the assistant director of public safety for the City of Cleveland.


Crime Reporting and Response

By Laura Spadanuta

A look at how the responsibilities schools have for reporting and responding to criminal incidents on campus are evolving.

Enhancing the Firewall

By John Wagley

Newer enterprise firewalls are bolstering threat detection capabilities and offering a host of other functions in the same device.

Pay for Performance

By Mike Moran

Despite the economy's difficulties, the security profession's compensation levels seem to be rebounding.

Threats in the Mail

By Laura Spadanuta

Suspicious letters sent to Baltimore officials have raised questions about U.S. Postal Service procedures for dealing with potentially threatening mail.

Judging the Evidence

By Laura Spadanuta

A U.S. district judge takes a hard look at the scientific validity of forensic evidence.

Spreading the Word

By Teresa Anderson

A public address system helps a college get detailed information directly to students during a crisis.

Legal Report: U.S. Supreme Court Edition

By Teresa Anderson

An update on this term's relevant cases from the U.S. Supreme Court, including those on privacy, fraud, terrorism, gun control, and the constitutionality of Sarbanes-Oxley.

Industry News

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

ASIS announces the winner of its school funding contest, council members publish crime information for small businesses, a report on the annual European security conference, and John Villines, CPP, is profiled.

Helping Employees Cope

By Brian P. Wisneski, CPP

Managers can use assistance programs to help victimized employees avoid trouble and stay focused on their jobs.


The Magazine — Past Issues


Don't Miss Out... And Bring a Friend

By Sherry Harowitz

Here's a tip for you to pass along to colleagues.


Behind the Numbers

Small- and medium-sized businesses rank risks to their operations.

Accountable Privacy

By John Wagley

A software program that prompts employees to discuss the details of their projects is designed to help a company protect personal data.


Taking Security Global

By Stephanie Berrong

To ensure that security measures are in line with a region’s actual risk, multinational companies must consider corporate culture and employee attitudes.


Communicating Emergency Preparedness: Strategies for Creating a Disaster Resilient Public

By Damon P. Coppola and Erin K. Maloney; Reviewed by Brian M. Harrell, CPP

A solid read that teaches security professionals how to communicate the appropriate message during an emergency.

Economic Misery and Crime Waves: The Second Great Depression and the Coming Crime Wave, and What We Can Do About It

By Severin L. Sorensen, CPP; Reviewed by Crawford Robinson

Economic Misery and Crime Waves is undermined by a multipli­c­ity of quotations, a shortage of empirical data, and an undertone of religious fervor.

Peter the Drug Dog

By Hank Nolin; Reviewed by Laz Claro, CPP

One man's special bond with the drug-sniffing dog he trained.

Port Security Management

By Kenneth Christopher; Reviewed by William Crews, CPP

An excellent examination of the major transformations in port security initiated after the 9-11 attacks.

Protecting Court: A Practitioner's Guide to Court Security

By Jimmie H. Barrett; Reviewed by Brian L. Royster, Ed.D.

Need to know about courthouse security, look no further than this book.

Terrorism and Public Safety Policing: Implications for the Obama Presidency

By James F. Pastor; Reviewed by James T. Roberts, Jr., CPP

Should some police functions get outsourced to private service providers? James F. Pastor envisions a new model of public-safety policing in which private security forces carry out certain community security and safety functions in partnership with public law enforcement personnel.

Disaster Recovery

By Brenda D. Phillips; Reviewed by Dennis G. Byerly, CPP, CSEM

Can rebuilding after a disaster present an opportunity for rebirth?

Security Manager's Guide to Disasters: Managing Through Emergencies, Violence, and Other Workplace Threats

By Anthony D. Manley; Reviewed by Paul D. Barnard, CPP, CISM

A costly overview of security-manager best practices in a book that doesn't bother to give the author's biography or professional credentials.

The Quiet Threat: Fighting Industrial Espionage in America, 2nd Edition

By Ronald L. Mendell; Reviewed by William Eardley, IV

Ronald Mendell explains governmental spying and how it differs from industrial espionage, with the latter being the primary focus of this work.


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