September 2010


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The Game Is On

By Doug Kelly

Some players aren't what they seem: they're at the table to help casinos catch cheaters and assess how well employees follow protocols.


Is the Security Industry Shooting in the Dark? Lessons from Florida

By Javier Soto, JD, and Reginald Kornegay

A study of security officer firearms discharges in the state of Florida demonstrate armed security officers need more demanding training. (Online Exclusive)


MANET Makes an Impression

By Joseph Straw

Mobile ad hoc networks allow first responders to communicate in harsh environments at a reasonable cost.

Federal Perspective-Infrastructure

By Joseph Straw

Security Management interviews Todd M. Keil, assistant secretary for infrastructure protection at the Department of Homeland Security.


The Prescreening Puzzle

By Joseph Straw

The U.S. government still struggles to find ways to prevent terrorists from boarding airplanes. Two recent incidents show the weaknesses that remain in the system, and the challenges of addressing those vulnerabilities.

Let the Learning Begin

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

A preview of the ASIS International 56th Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, which will feature more than 180 sessions covering topics of interest across the security spectrum.

How to Prepare for Drills

By Laura Spadanuta

Surprise emergency drills may seem like the best way to gauge employee readiness, but they may also lead to liability.

Disrupting Terrorist Plans

By Laura Spadanuta

Current approaches to counterterrorism are too reactive and defensive, a defense expert argues. Rather, counterterrorism approaches must attack a terror group's moral and physical centers of gravity.



Percentage of credit card hacking cases that involved the hospitality industry, according to a recently released study by Trustwave's SpiderLabs.

Network Mapping Solution

By John Wagley

How network mapping helped a government agency flag potential firewall misconfigurations in addition to possible noncompliance with regulations and standards.

Legal Report

By Teresa Anderson

A prosecutor dismisses a felony charge against a security guard, and an employee may not sue her company for failure to investigate her discrimination claim.

Industry News

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

ASIS councils release a white paper on cloud computing, students are encouraged to enter the Society's writing competition, and Clint A. Schaefer, CPP, is profiled.

Creating a Security Culture

By Deborah Russell Collins

How one company made security a partner rather than an enforcer and learned to spot challenges before they blossomed into crises.


The Magazine — Past Issues


No Signs of Balance

By Sherry Harowitz

Should privacy advocates take a lesson from the past and heed stop signs or at least yield some ground?


Hershey Hits Security Sweet Spot

By John Wagley

New incident-tracking software helps a theme park manage all types of incidents from locating lost items to banning problem patrons.

Curbing User Rights to Bolster Security

By John Wagley

Limiting local computer administrative rights can significantly reduce Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities.



The number in millions of cyberattacks launched against U.S. Energy Department systems daily, the former agency CIO told Forbes.

Behind the Numbers

By The Ponemon Institute

The time lapsed before an IT threat is detected by a company.


Forced Labor Threats

By Stephanie Berrong

Outsourcing by multinational companies can unwittingly lead to child labor and human rights abuses, harming the company’s reputation and bottom line.



The number of countries effectively curbing foreign bribery of public officials, according to a new report on combating global corruption by Transparency International.


How To Develop and Implement a Security Master Plan

By Timothy D. Giles, CPP, PSP; Reviewed by George Okaty, CPP, & J. Kelly Stewart, CFC, CAS

Learn how to develop your company or organization's 5-year security master plan.

Hacking: The Next Generation

By Nitesh Dhanjani et al; Reviewed by Don Fergus, CISSP

A multiauthor volume that teaches how hacking has evolved to include sophisticated tools and methods that can compromise an individual or an enterprise.

The Executive MBA in Information Security

By John Trinckes, Jr.; Reviewed by Ben Rothke, CISSP

John Trinckes, Jr., argues that executive leadership is critical to effective data security.

Nuclear Safeguards, Security and Nonproliferation

By James E. Doyle, ed; Reviewed by Col. Kuljeet Singh, CPP

The world's top nuclear scientists and related experts weigh the pros and cons of nuclear technology in a balanced exploration of the topic.

Handbook of Crime Correlates

By Lee Ellis et al; Reviewed by Steve Albrecht, DBA, CPP

A study of studies, The Handbook of Crime Correlates is a compendium of more than 400 statistical tables based on more than 5,200 studies.

The Unspoken Dialogue: Understanding Body Language and Controlling Interviews and Negotiations, Second Edition

By Robert R. Rail; Reviewed by Henry C. Ruiz, MBA

An informative yet short read, security professionals will find they're familiar with most of its contents already.


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