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Video Analytics

Avigilon Corporation of Vancouver, Canada, has added the Rialto video analytics appliance family to its product portfolio. The appliances provide real- time event detection and verification, enabling users to proactively identify unusual activity in a monitored scene and take immediate action. The technology, when combined with high-definition video imaging, provides superior perimeter surveillance. The products offer “Teach by Example” functionality, enabling users to give feedback about the accuracy of various alarm events as they are generated. Rialto products learn from the feedback and increase future accuracy, resulting in lower false alarm rates. Other features include true object classification, audio talk-down capabilities, instant notification, ease of installation, and an open platform.

Thermal App

Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd. of Karmiel, Israel, and Lumus Ltd. of Rehovot, Israel, have joined forces to provide mobile long-range night-vision capabilities. The Therm-App mobile device, mounted on headgear, transmits high-resolution images to the Lumus wearable display, providing the user with a large, high-quality image. The combination is ideal for professionals who require hands-free operation in complete darkness or limited visibility. It will help security teams, search-and-rescue responders, and other law enforcement and public safety professionals.

Intrusion Detection

Honeywell of Louisville, Kentucky, has added radar capabilities to its line of Vindicator security systems. Vindicator customers have access to compact surveillance radar systems from SpotterRF of Orem, Utah. These systems can detect intruders along perimeters when traditional radar systems are not practical. The devices, which weigh less than four pounds, use standard Ethernet cables and feature built-in Web servers. They are effective in monitoring wide areas, including bridges, dams, and oil fields. Combining Vindicator’s command-and-control platform with the radar systems makes them ideal for high-security projects. Vindicator’s integration with Pro-Watch access control and MAXPRO Video Management System allows customers to have a com­plete security solution from a single manufacturer.

Electric Strikes

New electric strikes from Alarm Controls of Deer Park, New York, an ASSA ABLOY Group company, offer field-selectable fail-secure/fail-safe operation and are fully reversible for right and left opening doors. Designed for heavy-duty applications, the all-in-one AES-100 electric strike offers dual voltage and a deep latch cavity to accommodate cylindrical locksets in steel, wood, or aluminum frames. It is BHMA Grade 1, UL 1034 burglary re­­sistant, and listed to 1,500 pounds of static strength. The AES-200 electric strike is designed for medium-duty, rated BHMA Grade 2, and listed to 1,000 pounds static strength.

Tiny RFID Tags

Two new miniaturized high-frequency transponders have been added to the Glass Tag family of radio frequency identification tags from HID Global of Austin, Texas. Each Glass Tag Vigo HF bio-glass cylinder measures approximately 0.1 inch in diameter and 0.5 inch long, and provides a 1,664-bit user memory. The glass enclosure ensures reliable transponder performance, despite potentially harsh conditions in finished tag production and field use. Each unit is manufactured via direct bonding technology, allowing the secure attachment of antennas to chips in thinner and smaller devices. The units can be password protected and offer a privacy mode option.

Airport Access Control

SAFE for Aviation from Quantum Se­­cure of San Jose, California, is an airport physical identity and access management solution that streamlines the lifecycle of physical identities and automates related processes. SAFE for Aviation comes with pre-defined policies, workflows, and procedures for issuing badge credentials and granting and revoking access to airport facilities while simplifying adherence to airport-related regulations, audits, and security directives, thus minimizing insider threats and promoting greater operational security. The solution has been deployed in airports, including Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Intrusion Detection

Minneapolis-based SICK has announced a powerful new surveillance solution for its LMS Laser Measurement Sensors using software developed by Ohio-based Savvux Technology Solutions, creator of The HawkEye Effect software. This combination enables seamless integration of the company’s LMS devices with Milestone XProtect video management software. The HawkEye Effect uses GPS-style coordinates to provide timely, automatic responses to critical incidents for the security industry. The HawkEye Effect software has been customized to interface with SICK’s LMS Laser Measurement Sensors for perimeter guarding and intrusion detection applications within building security and automation.

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