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Matrix Systems of Dayton, Ohio, has upgraded its Frontier access-control software to include a fault-tolerant door-controller option with triple-tier data distribution redundancy for assured connectivity. Version 5.7.5 is a comprehensive security solution that provides real-time monitoring for access doors and alarm points for local and remote locations. The new maintenance mode blocks alerts to security personnel during testing, repairing, and modification. A new feature requires periodic or voluntary changes in each user’s PIN, and PINs can be changed at any access portal. Selective access can now be disabled based on inactivity or disuse of access areas. Zone-occupancy macros allow the system to send alerts, e-mail pages, or disabling commands based on a predetermined limit of cardholders entering and exiting a zone. For example, the system can automatically arm a zone and turn off lights when the occupancy count goes to zero.


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