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Arco-Track GPRS offers the next generation of GPS tracking for security bags, high-value assets, and personal property. A. Rifkin Company of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the device is a self-contained WASS-enabled tracking device that offers position reporting to within 3 meters 95 percent of the time. When placed inside bags, vehicles, or packages, the device provides real-time reports of receiver location and a detailed history of routes traveled. It uses mapping technology that incorporates three-dimensional maps, satellite images, and aerial photography to provide accurate tracking. Users can track items via the Web from a PC or from a cell phone, allowing the user to follow the progress while in the field. Users can set asset protection perimeters using the system’s location awareness technology. The system uses patented SiRF Star III Technology to provide extra-sensitive reception outdoors, indoors, and event through metal.

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