Audible Exit Sign

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Systems Sensor of St. Charles, Illinois, has improved its ExitPoint directional sounder to include voice messaging. In trials, the audible exit sign has reduced evacuation times up to 75 percent in smoky conditions and up to 35 percent without smoke. Once an alarm has alerted people to a threat, the sounder plays a recorded alert message, such as “stairs up,” “stairs down,” “area of refuge,” and “exit here.” The device has a total of 15 single and combination language choices, including English, English and Spanish, and English and French. Between the voice instructions, the audio amplifier produces a pulsating noise consisting of low, mid-range, and high sounds, allowing occupants to determine the location of the sound even if they are unfamiliar with the building. The ExitPoint PF24V Directional Sounder has an optional disable feature for use in conjunction with a control module or heat sensor. It features field-selectable power settings and is listed to UL 464.

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