Border Security

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Rontal Applications Ltd. of Lod, Israel, has developed a special version of its SimGuard incident management system for ensuring border checkpoint efficiency and maintaining operational continuity during real-time events. It allows border-control authorities to evaluate a facility’s efficiency by using simulations. A three-dimensional model of the crossing point is built into the system database, and the system analyzes the efficiency and vulnerability of various components, such as inspection rooms, storage, and parking areas. Manag­ers can conduct simulations of various threats, such as fire, explosives, and evacuations. The system gathers information from sensors and devices in real time, presenting it in a situational awareness display. If an incident occurs, personnel can identify the scenario and predict its potential impact on site operations. The system advises the operator on optimal actions to be taken. Following the incident, SimGuard’s debriefing mode allows officers to analyze it and the team’s actions.

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