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AOR USA of Torrance, California, offers a new “black box” professional grade receiver with exceptional performance, state-of-the-art specifications, and a menu of options that allow custom applications or control via the Internet. The AR2300 is operated through a USB interface by a Windows XP or higher computer. The provided software controls all functions. The tuning range is 40 kHz to 3.15 GHz; a consumer version is available with blocked cellular frequencies. The radio receives AM, wide and narrow FM, upper and lower sideband, and CW modes. An optional adapter allows reception of unencrypted APCO-P25 digital transmissions. Up to 2,000 memory channels can be stored in the receiver, with data including frequency, channel labels, mode, selected antenna, and more. The receiver can scan through large frequency segments quickly and accurately. Up to three frequencies can be received simultaneously.

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