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The PSIClone Mini Lab is a portable hard-drive forensic lab that enables law enforcement agencies to quickly and thoroughly copy data from a computer hard drive for pretrial analysis without compromising the evidence. New from Security Engineered Machinery of Westboro, Massachusetts, the lab includes a Hammer Data Elimination Unit, a PSIClone Data Verification Unit, a Bluetooth printer, all necessary cables and power supplies, and a rugged transport case. Built-in software makes the lab compatible with a desktop or notebook PC. The Hammer unit prepares the destination hard-drive disk, overwriting all previously entered data. The PSIClone formats the destination drive with an FAT32 file system so that files can be used with other PC-based forensic tools. It also protects the source drive’s data before copying it. When the transfer is complete, the destination drive contains an exact copy of the data, including its MD5 Hash, the source drive’s identifier.


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