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Fire-Lite Alarms of Northford, Connecticut, has introduced the MS-9200UDLS addressable control panel, which combines the capabilities of a fire alarm control panel and a digital alarm communicator/transmitter into one circuit board. It features LiteSpeed, a speed signaling line circuit protocol that simultaneously polls ten devices at a time. The patented protocol allows a fully loaded panel to report an incident and activate the notification circuits in less than ten seconds. Devices can be wired on standard twisted and unshielded wire with distances up to 10,000 feet per loop. The unit also features LED graphic and LCD annunciators, reverse polarity/city box transmitter, local and remote upload/download software, and remote power expansion. The integral DACT transmits system status to a central station via the public switched telephone network. The control panel can also be programmed or interrogated remotely via the telephone network.


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