Digital video recorder

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Sanyo Security Systems, of Chatsworth, California, has introduced the DSR-2004Hxxx, a digital video recorder that incorporates features such as multiclient accessibility for multiple users and access capabilities with triplex function for simultaneous recording, playback, and monitoring. Additional key features include MPEG-4 recording, up to 500 gigabytes of storage capacity, and built-in motion detection. The unit offers a recording rate up to 120 images per second at 360 x 240 per channel and the ability to adjust the recording rate of individual cameras from 1 to 30 images per second. Built-in motion detection enables alarm recording, while live capture allows JPEG still image output of live images. The unit can also search recorded data by event, time and date, or timeline. It provides pan-tilt-zoom telemetry control of Sanyo and other manufacturers’ cameras. An IRC remote operates up to nine DVRs.

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